Research Interests







1. Development, implementation, application and ethical analyses of novel neurotechnologies.

Particular emphasis is placed upon utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods to study neuro- and biotechnologic systems that may be linked to specific physiologic and psychological processes to evoke potential therapeutic benefits, and reduction(s) of health risk in specific populations, and examination of ethical, legal and social issues that arise from these studies and applications.

2. Medical Philosophy and Bioethics.

Of interest are the philosophical bases of the disease-illness continuum of chronic pain, the neurophilosophy of suffering and the phenomenal ‘self’ as contextual to neuroscience, pain medicine and psychiatry, and the development of ethical frameworks in neuropsychiatric research and practice.

3. Basic and clinical parameters of neural responses to pain.

These studies are examining central and peripheral neural mechanisms operative in reaction to pain and stress. These investigations are aimed at understanding the interactive role of the systems affecting diverse responses (e.g.- sensation, perception, states of consciousness) in order to develop enhanced techniques and technologies for use in research and interdisciplinary clinical interventions.

4. Role of the serotonin (5-HT3) receptor system in pain and analgesia.

We have shown that peripheral and central 5-HT3 receptors differentially mediate components of the nociceptive response produced by inflammation. Of current interest is the development of a theoretical model of pain based upon non-linear, dynamical complex systems’ effects and neural mechanisms and substrates of this system relevant to clinical practice.




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